About Me

I'm a 17 years old hobbyist who's gradually starting to progress in electronics. Meanwhile, my other interests include photography, documenting, writing and most of all, sharing my own experiences with everyone.
All these interests may seem worlds apart, but when you combine them, you get what's now my blog.
This was the very idea behind creating "The ProtoElectric Effect". Now I can fulfil my passion for writing, making, taking pictures, documenting and sharing my experiences all in one place!
During my time with electronics, I always seem to find something new and interesting. This blog contains my experiences and my own notes on various components and on various topics. That being said, it also consists of documentation of some components, by me,  as well.

You can find me on these platforms:

Instructables: https://www.instructables.com/member/UtkarshVerma/

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